There are several ways in which you can help us. The two things we really need are your money and/or your time! 

1. Fundraising

Our primary means of bringing in funds is the sale of Shares in the Class 50 Alliance Ltd. Shares may be purchased outright, or by installments (by standing order). There is no limit to the number of shares that may be purchased, or the number of applications made. Owning a share in Class 50 Alliance automatically enrolls the owner as a member of The Fifty Fund.

Shareholders are all part owners of the company that owns "Ark Royal", "Exeter", "Defiance" and "Hercules". For details on share purchase please click here.

You can also provide financial assistance by:

  • making a donation: Click here.
  • Or by purchasing from our on-line store: Click here to browse our wide range of class 50 and heritage diesel traction items and make a purchase.

2. Come and Help

Our band of working volunteers always welcome new recruits with whom to share the effort needed to preserve and operate these fine locomotives. Details of how this works are available here... Don't worry, most of the volunteers don't bite.

OR we regularly take our sales stand on the road - volunteers to help set up and even sell our merchandise is always appreciated. We also undertake other drives to raise funds. If this type of work interest you, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   

Membership Benefits

Following benefits are offered to shareholders in Class 50 Alliance Ltd:

1. Membership of The Fifty Fund (The Class 50 Alliance Supporters Organisation)
2. Voting rights (usually exercised at the AGM)
3. Access to the private sections of the The Fifty Fund website
4. Discounts on some rail-tours (dependent on the operator)
5. An electronic copy of The Class 50 News (available through the Members section of the website). 
6. Cab rides on the Severn Valley Railway (conditions apply, requires pre-booking and is strictly limited)
7. And the opportunity to get close up and personal with our fine locomotives by getting involved with maintenance and preservation (membership of the SVR is also needed). For information about becoming a volunteer visit the volunteer page.

In addition, during each year a share is purchased you will also receive a high quality printed copy of the Class 50 News sent to your door, and a share certificate. All this, as well as the nice warm feeling that you are supporting a worthwhile preservation project that keeps our favourite locomotive type operating on Britain's railways.

Your Help is Needed

Your contribution is needed to keep Ark Royal, Exeter, Defiance, Hood and Hercules fully working on the S.V.R and elsewhere. For more details please visit the pages linked above and get involved.