As well as reaching new clients in a quick and targeted way, with minimum spend, many railway businesses like to be seen to be helping the enthusiasts who are their clients. If you agree, then we might have a uniquely targeted opportunity for you to consider:

The Fifty Fund website has been running for over 8 years in its current form and is now viewed by up to 3000 unique visitors a week. Over the three months prior to November 2009 the site received on average 1512 unique visitors per week, peaking at 3200 for the week of the 18th October. Of the visitors our automatic tracking system reveals that approximately 75% had not visited the site before and 25% were returning visitors. Each individual downloaded over 9 pages on average per visit.

It Will Cost Less Than You Might Think.

For only £30 your advert can tell the world that you support The Fifty Fund for a whole year. There is also a special rate for those who would also like to advertise in our yearly magazine provided to our shareholders and sold to other enthusiasts.

In addition anyone who advertises with us will receive a permanent hyperlink to their website on our links page.  

Advertising Packages Available

Bronze advertising package:

One advert loaded randomly (is expected on average to appear on one twelfth of the pages loaded). Cost £30.00 per year.

Silver advertising package:

Two adverts* loaded randomly (would expect to be displayed on a sixth of all pages loaded from the site). Cost £50.00 per year.

Gold advertising package:

Three adverts* loaded randomly (would expect at least one to be displayed on a third of all pages loaded from the site). Cost £60.00 per year.


Each organisation taking out an advert on The Fifty Fund website will also be provided with a link from our "links page". This has the effect of raising the advertisers profile with some types of internet search engines, increasing the potential for hits on their website from other sources.

You will see several organisations are already advertising with us, so you will be in good company. These existing advertisers (some have been with us for five years) tell us that sales and positive enquiries have resulted from contacts reaching them via an advert link direct from our website.

Please note The Fifty Fund reserve the right to refuse advertising material that is either offensive or considered inappropriate for a railway preservation website or is detrimental to the aims of The Fifty Fund or its related organisations.

Advertising runs for a calendar year from the date the image is first displayed. During that time you can change your image up to 4 times at no extra cost, changing the link will require extra effort so is always charged at £10 per time.


Notes: Advert size is 180x140 pixels in .gif format.