Ark Royal was the first 50 to be preserved, and at the time it looked likely that very few of these complex machines would survive into preservation. It was moved initially to St Leonards where the initial restoration work and start-up was carried out. 

Subsequently, the loco was moved by road to our new home at the Severn Valley Railway, where further work was undertaken before the loco could enter traffic. 



50035 crossing Oldbury Viaduct with a service for Kidderminster. 14th September 2016. Photo: Ian Murray

The loco has been a popular performer at the SVR, and has visited other railways for special events. 

Ark Royal is not registered to work on the main line, and it is not fitted with OTMR, TPWS or GSM-R, but it can be hauled for the purposes of visiting other railways. 

The loco is currently available for traffic, and is likely to see extensive use on the SVR diesel turns during 2017.