The SVR Diesel running days have now been published for 2019. Please see the SVR Website for details. 

Mainline Tours in 2019

August 26th - The Cotswold Eden. Pathfinder Tours.  

More tours are in the pipeline and will be announced as soon details are available. 


Diesel Galas & Open Day Attendances for 2019:

May 3rd - 6th - Keighley & Worth Valley Diesel Gala

May 10th - 12th - Swanage Railway Diesel Gala

May 16th - 18th -  SVR Spring Diesel Festival

June 8th - Crewe Diesel Open Day

June 21st - 23rd - West Somerset Diesel Gala (Due to axle weight issues only the sales stand will appear at the event.... 50s will still deliver other locos to the event). 

July 26th - 28th - Gloucs and Warks Diesel Gala

October 3rd - 5th - SVR Autumn Diesel Gala

October 12th - 13th - Gloucs and Warks Diesel Gala