The Fifty Fund exists to support the locomotives owned and operated by The Class 50 Alliance Ltd. Everyone who owns a share in Class 50 Alliance Ltd is automatically enrolled as a member of The Fund.

Fund members receive a number of benefits and opportunities not open to the general public. These benefits are detailed here.

50031, 50035, 50044 and 50049 all on shed at Kidderminster. Photo: Tony Middleton

Aims and Objectives

The Fund has four main aims:

  • To raise money to fund its activities and the preservation of the locomotives owned and operated by the Class 50 Alliance;
  • To gather and disseminate information on British Railways' operation of the class 50, its design and refurbishment, and its place in history; 
  • To promote and host discussion on class 50 related subjects by all interested parties;
  • And to educate fitters, and engineers of all ages in late 1960s mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and the skills to maintain them.

To achieve these aims, the Fund:

  • Raises money through standing order C50A share sales, sales of merchandise (on line and at gala events and shows), and other activities;
  • Receives donations of (and occasionally purchases) documents and interviews key participants in the class 50 story. These records are made available to properly accredited individuals and, if appropriate, other preservation groups;
  • Operates Twitter and Facebook pages that enable discussions to take place. Or just join us down the pub after a day working on the locos (or after an AGM);
  • Operates regular working parties where volunteers can learn new skills.

How the Fifty Fund Operates

The fund communicates with its members largely using electronic means. By Twitter, Facebook, by email and using the private part of this website. Once a year we publish The Class 50 News. This is sent in paper form to anyone who bought a share in the preceding year (for other members an electronic copy is made available on the private part of this website).  

Photo: Tony Middleton
The day to day running of The Fifty Fund is carried out by the committee, who are elected by the members at each Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.). The Fund is properly constituted, and copies of the constitution are available on request.