Following a last minute change of plans, the power unit lift on 50007 will now take place at Kidderminster TMD. The loco requires the power unit to be removed so that the Main Generator can be sent away for overhaul prior to use on the mainline. At the same time the opportunity will be taken to remove the ETH/Aux generators and carry out the same insulation modification as we did on the rest of the C50A fleet a couple of years ago. Whilst all that is going on, our volunteers will use the down time to give the inside of 50007 a thorough clean and inspection.

The ability to carry out this level of work at short notice is an indication of just how invaluable the new Diesel Depot is proving to be. Such work would have previously taken many months of planning, and we are indebted to the SVR for agreeing to accept the loco whilst this work is carried out.


Volunteers have already been hard at work stripping the power unit ready for removal. Photo: Bob Dunn

Do please remember that the TMD facility is a working depot and a very hazardous environment. It is not open to the public other than for special events. Please do not attempt to visit the depot without prior authorisation to see C50A locos or any of the others based on the site.